Syneocell Bewertung

High way and Jean Hellman and today and it demonstrates and Swedish massage techniques to where the head shoulders and neck and so I’ll working the Mac is an area that doesn’t really require a lot of oil know why people don’t really appreciate getting a lot of oil in their hair so if I use any oil it all it’s just barely enough to lubricate moan hands in just a tiny little bit me just to make money in soft and Synod the my Kyle so just placing my hands on the tops other shoulders just gently and using a walking motion you press the shoulders away from the ears good hoping to create a little bit link through the traps well new starting to open up sand in I’ll been scooping my fingers underneath the curve in her neck can and start to get a nice grip on the basis for heading.

Just lemma leading the way to my body back start to create Syneocell┬ásome traction for her neck in the many even though it doesn’t lookalike I’m doing very much by maintaining this study traction it allows for slow and gentle stretch in between each of the vertebrae in the neck well the more good and has a release that tension well use my left hand to cradle her head that turned her chino wards the left miss exposes the right side of the necks I can do some work here I’ll in the so going with my thumb starting at the base of the neck the 0 and trace the lines at the skate leans the mall I’ll moving all the way down to the top of the shoulder 0 I 0 well 0 it’s important to note here that when people have a lot of attention in their neck sometimes these muscles can be very sensitive in so it’s important that you are mindful about the amount of pressure that you’re using no one hurt the person you’re with that kid shoes did not pressure.